This is not an oven. It's a Brava.

Brava uses coordinated pulses of light to cook hotter, faster, and with more precision than anything your kitchen has ever seen.

Food cooks quicker than ever.

Food cooks quicker than ever. Food cooks quicker than ever. Food cooks quicker than ever.
Perfected meals coded into precise recipe programs.
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Animated .gif showing many different combinations of proteins and vegetables on the Brava Metal Tray.

Thousands of combinations.

Select your protein then add a vegetable - even add a third! Thousands of ingredient combinations are possible with Brava.

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The Brava team and community are constantly cooking together to help you learn to make, share, and enjoy perfect dishes with your Brava.


Weekly team hosted demos to help you learn more about Brava.



Go behind the scenes to see how Brava works its magic in the kitchen.


What home chefs do with the power of light.

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Vegetables have been a real revelation in the Brava.

Elizabeth C. 03.24.2021
Sliced medium doneness steak with roasted baby broccoli and sweet potato chips


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I don't want to know cooking without it. It simplifies everything.

Patty D. 11.30.2019
A breakfast sandwich with poached egg, arugula, cheese on a toast


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Love Cooking Again

I didn't enjoy being in the kitchen till now. I can't recommend my Brava enough.

Elyse H 02.17.2020
A hand holding half a burger, showing the content within: poached egg, pickled cucumbers, beef patty


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"The microwave oven did not revolutionize home cooking. Nor did sous-vide gadgetry. Now there's a new contender: the Brava Oven..."

"Brava is the Tesla of ovens."

"It's like having a professional chef at home. Except you're the chef, and Brava is the professional."

"Brava is among a select cadre of modern wonders worthy of your marveling."

“This thing changed my life…The possibilities are endless for such a compact appliance.”

"[One of] The Best Smart Kitchen Appliances for 2020"

Meet Brava. Meet Brava.

Brava sitting on a modern counter

Bring Brava Home.

Start cooking with light.

Brava cooks food to perfection using pioneering light technology that brings unparalleled heat, speed, and precision to all your favorite meals.

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